Who is John Lindsay - some history and family information and community involvement

Meet the Family: Almost all are seen below at son David's camp on Fairbank lake  Dave lives in New  Sudbury with his partner Suanne as does daughter Melanie with her partner John


Who is John Lindsay

Born in Toronto and raised in Oakville Ontario and Batavia New York (Between Buffalo and Rochester) .  He attended Toronto Teachers College but chose broadcasting as a career working in over a dozen radio and TV stations in Ontario and Newfoundland as a news reporter, announcer and program producer. He came to Sudbury to work for Employment and Immigration Canada as an employment councillor, human resource specialist and labour market analyst, however, he continued to work part-time in broadcasting for many years and was know as Jack Richmond for those that may remember for his time "on air" at CHNO, CJMX and Cable TV where he was the longest serving volunteer.. 

After retiring from government John joined his wife Linda Cartier in the financial services industry as a business owner and employer in the firm Financial Decisions Inc in the former Barry family historical residence on Bellevue Avenue on the shores of Minnow Lake.  

John has been very much involved in the community serving as a elected Rainbow Board school board Trustee and Chair in his second term. He was a founding member of the city bicycle advisory committee, and was a member of the city parking, lakes and seniors' committees.  He was a board member for the Chamber of Commerce and United Way, President of the Memorial Society and Sudbury Symphony Orchestra and Sudbury Arts Council.  Interested in Older Adults, he is Chair of Friendly to Seniors - Sudbury and Vice President of the the local chapter of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons, and a member of Sudbury Citizens for Safety and the Canadian Legion.

Concerned about environmental issues John is President of the Minnow Lake Restoration Group and past chair of the Minnow Lake CAN.  He is a board member of the Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee and the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance and contributes to Liveable Sudbury.  Last, but not least he is long time chair of the Sudbury Blueberry Festival now celebrating 33 years and shown here below at opening of this year's event at Bell Park with the Sud-Berry Bear mascot.

John has received a number of volunteer recognition awards from the city and province including a Sudbury Community Builders Excellence Award and from the Federal Government the 125th Anniversary of Confederation Medal awarded to Canadians who were deemed to have made a significant contribution to their community.

Idea: John has suggested that we promote our city as being "friendly" which we know we are but should let others be aware as well.  Image is important to encourage civic pride, development and tourism.

The bilingual "Friendly Sudbury" logo in city colours with a border of blue representing our many lakes projects our city image of being clean and green.  Our citizens and elected representatives strive to make our city:  Age Friendly, Arts Friendly, Business Friendly, City Hall Friendly, Cycle Friendly, Disability Friendly, Environmentally Friendly, Ethnic Friendly, Gender Friendly, Health Friendly, Lake Friendly, Park Friendly, Pedestrian Friendly, Shopping Friendly, Sports Friendly and Visitor Friendly.

Money Matters:  Every taxpayer should view the following video by Tom Price. 


Community Initiatives:

As President of the Minnow Lake Restoration Group and Chair of the Minnow Lake CAN John was responsible for leading the initiative to have a former school (St Jean's) on the north shore of Minnow Lake converted for community use as Minnow Lake Place.  He also fostered the creation of Blueberry Hill and the Oak Forest as the first Rainbow Routes trails and waterfront parks and walkways.  Tennis, basketball courts and the skateboard park were other accomplishments together with area community gardens and dog park,  These and other initiatives such as the Minnow Lake Fountain are described on the website www.minnowlake.ca.  He was involved in helping promote safer streets in both Minnow Lake and New Sudbury for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists and endorsed the development of the Adanac sports area and Rotary Trail.  His wife Linda, purchases season passes for the ski hill. He was involved with keeping Adamsdale school open to serve students in the Minnow Lake area.

Activist or Advocate:

John would prefer to be recognized as an Advocate rather than an Activist as he presents "solutions" to perceived problems.  He is a frequent contributor to the local media and could be considered to be "outspoken" on matters of local interest.

 Based on his experience as an investigative media journalist and as a labor market analyst in government and as a financial consultant he is concerned about the direction of our current council and the consequences of what are described as "legacy" projects including the Kingsway Entertainment district which would impact negatively  Ward 11 and Minnow Lake in particular and the downtown as well.

Areas of Concern - Proposals

Kingsway Entertainment District: While initially intrigued about the prospect of a new arena on the Kingsway, it became apparent upon consideration and examination that besides cost there are major concerns with respect to the creation of a large parking area for the site that would contribute additional salt to Ramsey Lake and also the resultant congestion on area roadways with traffic to and from the site.  This has been described in a  appeal document which can be accessed here. The response from the city can be accessed here (Case Synopsis Response) There is also concern with respect to increased gambling with a large casino located on the site in the area which might be better located in Chelmsford at the present slots.

Other Matters: Besides being more fiscally responsible especially for those citizens who are on low and fixed income. there is a need for the city to be more transparent  and council should be more involved with citizens in dealing with important issues.  We need to make our community more livable which includes besides better road maintenance, availability and support of leisure and cultural activities and support of local businesses plus other initiatives which John is prepared to discuss with anyone interested and can be contacted by e-mail at johnl.fdi@gmail.com or by phone at 705-507-6037 (cell).

Note: John is a very strong supporter of our City of Greater Sudbury and has personally created a number of websites to promote our community besides FriendlySudbury.ca and you are invited to visit:

www.seesudbury.ca - www.yessudbury.ca - www.minnowlake.ca and www.friendlytoseniors.ca

John ran in the Municipal Election 2018 and his thoughts below:

Besides the voting process debacle it is obvious that this election exposed some areas worthy of consideration.  Without question the city should return to the voting method (paper and on-line) that was used in the 2014 election which most were happy with including our older adult population and also there has to be a better method of identifying voters than using MPAC lists.  The first past the post method should be replaced by ranked balloting, especially when there are a number of candidates. 

 Many citizens do not recognize that so called legacy projects like the KED and Arts Junction will not bring prosperity to the city and will only increase taxes and add to debt.   With ever increasing costs of borrowing it is quite possible interest costs may exceed capital expenditures.  A Casino will only take money out of the community and contribute to individual and family financial, health and social issues.  Many citizens do not like to hear what they consider as negativity expressed against the “want” projects where there are more pressing “needs” that should be considered first. There are those including myself who are like canaries in a coal mine warning of danger but are dismissed as just being against progress and like prophets are not acknowledged in our own land.  Our concerns will be realized as being valid but perhaps too late.  Already we have residents particularly older citizens leaving the community for lower cost living and more amenities elsewhere plus in many cases to be closer to other family members. 

Our death rate exceeds births and new residents to the community from outside do not replace those leaving.  These are real concerns not being addressed.  We should be looking at sustainability and how to maintain and improve what we have to make our city more attractive and liveable.  We need to spend our resources to achieve the best value and benefit to the greatest number and not just special interest groups.  Many of the candidates for Mayor had good ideas and could together have made a good Council.  I am not optimistic about the next four years and what I fear could be a repeat of the past four which would be most unfortunate.  Regardless, congratulations to those who offered themselves as candidates and to the winners – good luck - I think it will be needed.

 Thanks to those who supported me.   John